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Vangelis Leontopoulos (DipMarSur, BEng Mechanical Engineer AYDSA, AssocIIMS), owner of Lefkas Marine Surveys, working in the marine industry his whole life is a BEng Mechanical Engineer and a qualified marine surveyor with the highly respected IIMS Diploma in Yachts and Small Crafts Marine Surveying. 
Not just an affiliate member. Vangelis is an Accredited member of Yachts Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA) and an Associate member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) and holds full Professional Indemnity insurance.

Based in the centre of Lefkas, our area of operation is Preveza/Aktio, Lefkas Marina and Vliho/Nidri. This is a high-chartered area with many grounding incidents each season. Vangelis is an insurance claim surveyor acting on behalf of insurance companies and he is specialised in damages. If the boat you are going to purchase has damages or previous repairs further to a grounding, we will find it!
The survey process is very thorough and will provide the client with the YDSA standards. The finished report is associated with a separate photo album that contains annotated pictures to help the client understand all the findings and recommendations. Just remember, there are high-quality and low-quality surveys. A high-quality survey takes more time in both the inspection of the vessel and the production of the report, thus reflecting to a higher fee. More competitive price surveys may not be as thorough and in most cases this may not provide you with the information need to fully consider the purchase. If something is missed in the cheaper survey and you require assistance this could be a much more costly process as opposed to contracting a most thorough survey in first place.
If you want a high-quality survey, drop us an e-mail and ask for a quote.
Our area of operation is Preveza/Aktio, Lefkas Marina and Vliho/Nidri