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This is the most detailed type of survey. The survey process is very thorough and the surveyor needs one or two days (10-15 hours depending on the boat type) to ascertain the full condition of the vessel. The finished report is associated with a separate photo album that contains annotated pictures to help the reader fully understand the defects.
This type of survey is usually requested by the potential buyer of a vessel once a deposit has been paid. It provides sufficient information on the vessel’s condition so they can decide, withdraw or re-negotiate the purchase. The pre-purchase survey is perfectly accepted by the insurers to provide insurance cover.


Is a cheap addition to the survey process and is always recommended whenever possible, especially for catamarans and power vessels where the engines make up a large portion of the vessel value. The sea trial helps to assess the performance of the engine under full load. This will ensure that all components are operating correctly within their design specification.
The sails are fully hoisted and can be checked for damage. All instruments and systems, toilet installations, water heater and navigational equipment can be tested for functionality and serviceability.


An insurance survey is usually a requirement of the insurance company for a new insurance policy or for the renewal of an existing policy. The inspection is usually finished in one day and includes a valuation or appraisal of the vessel’s fair market value. This survey type is not as detailed and comprehensive as the pre-purchase survey and excludes the cosmetics. It focuses on structural and operational defects and will provide the owner with sufficient advice about aspects of maintenance that should be addressed for the longevity of the craft.


Insurance claim surveys are performed on behalf of the insurance brokers and Underwriters providing a yacht claim service incorporating damage inspection, cause, nature and extent of the damage and if the reported damage is incident related. The report is covered with many annotated pictures and the estimated cost of the repairs.